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Our Beagles!

Instructions on how to adopt a beagle from Nittany Beagle Rescue and the adoption application form can be found on the Adopt a Beagle page.


Hi! My name is Bo & I'm a super sweet 6-7 year old male beagle! I love to give kisses! I'm also very energetic. I lift my upper lips to "smile"! I've lived in an outdoor kennel all my life with Shakey (who is also available for adoption). But it's fine for us to be placed in different forever homes. I get along well with other dogs. I've never been around a cat, & I might chase one. I've never been around young children. Because of this, Nittany Beagle Rescue will place me in a home with older children or no children. I was trained to hunt rabbits, but I'm scared of loud sounds. So I'll probably be frightened during thunderstorms & fireworks. I'll take off hunting for bunnies if I get loose. It's extremely important that I either be in a securely fenced yard or on-leash when outside. Also, I need a home where the door to the outside is shut quickly so I can't run out. I'll need work on housetraining & house manners, but the folks at Nittany Beagle Rescue say it's easier to train an adult dog than a puppy. I can be nervous in new situations at first. I weigh about 24 lbs. I'm living in a boarding kennel right now & I'm anxious to find my forever home! Lobo is up-to-date on vaccines & will be neutered & have a dental before he is adopted. To see more photos of Loco, go to his PetFinder page: You can see a photo of Lobo smiling & showing all his teeth - just like people with big smiles!



UPDATED BIO! Hi! My name is Buddha & I'm a very friendly 8-year old male beagle. I love everyone - dogs, cats & children of all ages! I weigh about 30 lbs. & my hind legs are paralyzed due to a back injury. So people have to provide some extra help with things like going outside for potty. But I come with a great Help 'Em Up Harness to support me. I bark only when I need something. I also have wheels for when I go outside - so I can really travel! I haven't learned to potty while in my wheels yet - but I will learn eventually. I'm a very happy fellow! My favorite thing to do is to cuddle on the couch. I ride well in a car! I'm neutered & available for adoption! I do need a foster home while I'm waiting for my forever home. It would be nice if at least 2 people were home most of the time, just so you can take turns caring for me. But if only 1 person is home, that's OK also. Please help me find a home! You can see more photos of me on my PetFinder page:



Hi! My name is Chance & I'm a very lovable 4-5 year old male beagle! I'm a sweetheart! I love to lay on the couch with my person & get belly rubs! I'm an active fellow too! I love to run around outside! A home with a securely fenced in yard would be ideal for me. But I will be OK if my forever home doesn't have a fenced in yard, as long as they take me for long walks & I'm able to safely run on a long lead or a retractable leash. I've had limited contact with children, but I seem to be good with them. Because I haven't been around children much, I will be placed in a home with no children or older children (8 years or older). I seem to be good with other dogs. I haven't been around cats, but I'm probably fine with them. I seem to be housetrained for the most part - I just need a little more reinforcement. I will be neutered before I'm adopted. I'm anxious to find my forever home so I can give you lots of love & get lots of love in return! Go to Chance's PetFinder page to see more photos of this sweet like guy!


Chelsea & Phoebe

Chelsea & Phoebe are 2 very sweet senior beagle sisters looking for a new forever home because their person passed away. They are bonded & will be placed together. They are very loving girls! The girls are also fairly obedient (for beagles!) Chelsea & Phoebe have been around children and other dogs. Even though they are good with children, they will not be placed in a home with young children due to their age. They ride well in a car. Both girls are crate trained and housetrained, although one was having accidents recently. It turned out that Chelsea had a UTI & is being treated for that. The girls are now eating Hills Urinary Care dog food. They typically go outside every 3 hours during the day. They will sit by the door or bark to let you know they have to go outside. Chelsea is more timid and submissive than Phoebe. The girls are about 10-11 years old. Even though the girls are older, they will take off if they are not in a securely fenced yard. They are up-to-date on vaccines and will be spayed before they are adopted. Chelsea is lying down in the photo. Click on the girls' page to see a photo of Phoebe - you can see her tail wagging!


Lucy Lu

ON HOLD while Lucy Lu goes to training! Lucy Lu will be available for adoption after she graduates! NBR will update Lucy Lu's bio once she is ready to find her forever home. Lucy Lu is a very sweet female beagle. She's about 4 years old. Lucy is a confident & intelligent dog. She wants to learn & needs a job, like agility, obedience, rally or nose work. Lucy likes to sleep in her crate, although she will whine/scratch before settling down. Lucy likes to climb furniture & puppy gates! Lucy loves going for walks, but being a young dog she is also very energetic. Lucy is strong and pulls fairly hard on the leash. Lucy Lu can be possessive with high value treats, like bones or pig ears. Lucy Lu''s foster home has a structured environment & Lucy does very well with that. She requires a dog-savvy person who can meet her energy & drive needs. Lucy is spayed & up-to-date on vaccines. Lucy Lu can't wait for the right family to give her her forever home after she graduates from training! More photos:



UPDATED BIO! Hi! My name is Odie & I'm a very sweet 2-year old male beagle/chihuahua mix. I'm a little guy, but I'm solid. I weigh about 25 lbs. I have blue eyes! I want to be with my person all the time! I love to cuddle with them & I love to give kisses! I sleep in bed with my people at night, & that is very important to me. Just call me "Velcro dog!" I like to sit beside my person & have my little paw on them. I can be very timid in new situations, but my foster mom has been working with me on that. She's a school teacher & has taken me to school! I really loved the attention from the children. The children were very respectful of me & that is important. I need a calm home where there isn't a lot of goings on. I'm good with other dogs & cats, but I would not like to be with a young playful dog. I like it when the animals I'm around are calm & relaxed. I've made great progress on housetraining. I haven't had an accident since the first few days in my foster home. But it takes a long time for me to potty when I'm outside. Once I have my potty spot, it doesn't take as long. So my person has to be patient with me until I find my potty spot. I'd love to have a fenced in yard! I'm crate trained. I'll fuss in my crate when you 1st put me in, but then I calm down. I've always been crated when no one is home. If you are right for me, please think about making me part of your family! More photos: ADOPTION PENDING.



Hi! I'm Zeus & I'm a 9 month-old male beagle. I'm very sweet! I've been around children & would be great in a family with children 8 years or older. I'm very loving & affectionate! I'm also playful & full of energy. Fetch & tug-of-war are my favorite games! I'm young & will be extremely energetic for the next couple of years. I need a home where I can play & run! A home with a securely fenced yard is best. I dig, so it's important I can't dig under the fence. I like to play with dogs & I'll bark at them until they agree to play with me! I'm also really good with cats! I might chase them if they run. But if they tell me to back off, then I will! I ride great in a car - just tether me safely to the back seat & I'll take a nap. I also will ride in a crate. I'll bark for awhile when everyone leaves the house. I'm making progress on housetraining. I'm crate trained, but have had accidents in the crate. I'm at that age where I will chew on everything (including electrical cords & furniture) & so I need to be crated or safely secured in a room like a kitchen when no one is home. I'm still learning manners, & I will jump on people. I also still puppy bite. I've slept in a crate at night, but I think I might like sleeping in bed with my people or on a dog bed. I would love to have a doggie-sibling to play with! I've never been around cats, & I might chase them. I'm neutered & up-to-date on vaccines. I'm can't wait for the right forever home to make me part of their family!