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In Memory

In Loving Memory of Rosie

Our beautiful Rosie was a sweetheart and also willful in the best way. She knew what she loved and went after her favorite things with true beagle passion.

She was gentle and a little shy. When her buddy Winston was tearing around barking, Rosie sat quietly looking on, as if she couldn’t believe any dog could make such a noisy fuss. Kayden was more her speed — a dignified old fellow. They were happy when they found a sunny spot together.

She switched into high gear for rabbits, food, and Jon.

Our little lemony girl was in fact a great tracker. She knew where every rabbit had nibbled a dandelion and where every chipmunk had a hole. Nose to the ground and sniffing away, she pursued the little animals who fled to escape her.

Her food-loves could fill a book. When she stuck her nose in her dish for chicken and rice, she gave new meaning to the Yiddish word “fresser.” She scarfed it up. She once climbed up on my desk to reach a pack of crackers on a shelf: shelves, papers, and dust all over the floor, but she got the crackers. At the vet, Jenifer (and many others) spoiled Ms. Rosie with treats. After she got sick, she ate Rice Krispies out of my hand. Food was Rosie’s friend.

Nothing, though, compared with Jon. Whether they were walking in Tudek Park or sitting on the couch, Jon lit up her day. As soon as his car pulled in, she squeaked in happiness. Jon was Rosie’s person.

Along with Winnie and Kayden, Rosie was my very best friend. My beagle companions knew my moods and gave me perfect advice: stick to the basics, the most important being love. They shared their wisdom and also their hearts.

Rosie Rose was our delight. We sincerely thank Nittany Beagle Rescue and Centre Animal Hospital for their exceptional support. We will love you forever Rosie!

Annie, Jon, Ellie, Colin, Kellan, Benny, and Buddy

September 2020

Losing a beloved pet is so very hard on all of us. They have given us so much love through the years when they were with us here on earth and now we live with their wonderful memories.

Tax-deductible donations of $25.00 can be made in memory of a beloved pet. By memorializing your pet or a friend's or family member’s pet in this way, you help Nittany Beagle Rescue give beagles who are in shelters or with owners who can no longer keep them a second chance at a wonderful life.

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You can also send us a letter dedicated to your pet that has passed and/or a photo of the pet along with a request that they be posted on this page. Your letter and photo can be sent by email to

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