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In Memory

In Loving Memory of Winston

Our Winnie passed away at nearly 12 years old on March 21, 2015. He came to our family in July 2005 after being rescued by the Nittany Beagle Rescue. For a short decade, he brought us immense happiness. He was a really cool dog.

Winnie had a huge love of life. He threw himself with tremendous passion into his walks, meals, and neighborhood surveillance – watching out the window or sitting on the deck. Nothing got by him: rabbit tracks, animal scents, passing dogs, random joggers, the UPS truck, someone at the door. Sometimes his brashness got him in trouble – like the time he kept right on barking after being pinned by a neighbor Rottweiller. But there was no stopping him: when he saw the leash coming out, he was ready to go.

Although Winnie loved his family to pieces, his idea was – that we were there for him. We served his interests. This was a mark of Winnie's independence. To be sure, he liked to snuggle, especially as he felt ill as his liver declined. But this wasn't exactly to please us. We helped him to be himself, and loved him all the more for his willfulness.

For most of his life, Katie was his companion. They were the odd couple: Katie was a wild Rottie-Beagle who suddenly went blind in her middle age, but not before biting off a piece of Winnie's ear. Winnie was amazingly tolerant. He didn't hold a grudge, and they got to be buddies. We have piles of photos of them together making mayhem and snoozing in turn.

During his last year, Winnie got to know Rosie, a sweet retired backyard breeder, also rescued. At first, Winnie was sure he would never let Rosie into HIS house. But after about half an hour of feverish barking, he got over it. They discovered common interests: food, naps, walks – and making us feel grateful for such great dogs.

We would have voted for Winnie for president (of the U.S.) in a minute – though we wouldn't have wished the job on him. Think, though, what the country would be like with a Beagle president: plenty of food, excitement, and good times. Winnie was our buddy. We so loved him. We can see him off in the distance waiting at the rainbow bridge.

Annie, Jon, Ellie, and Rosie Rose

Losing a beloved pet is so very hard on all of us. They have given us so much love through the years when they were with us here on earth and now we live with their wonderful memories.

Tax-deductible donations of $25.00 can be made in memory of a beloved pet. By memorializing your pet or a friend's or family member's pet in this way, you help Nittany Beagle Rescue give beagles who are in shelters or with owners who can no longer keep them a second chance at a wonderful life.

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