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In Memory

My daughter came home from college for the summer and thought about adopting a dog and so visited a local shelter where a very beautiful 12 year old beagle chose my daughter with her eyes and their hearts were instantly locked.

Ruby was a beautiful beagle with a mind all her own. Stubborn and tenacious, she would patiently wait at a corner until you saw the light and walked in the direction she wanted to go. Ruby loved to sit in the sun and on hot days she would dig a hole in a shady spot and rest there. She favored sitting in front of her electric fan too.She was a great huntress and when she picked up a scent, she was never wrong. She could smell a pizza from a afar; she loved to eat favoring twinkies, ziti and ice cream. She taught us to hand feed her (and she ate only home cooked meals) and to carry her up stairs and to move her fan to wherever she decided to sit. Car rides were always a treat for her and sometimes it seemed as though she wanted to drive the car! That wonderful loving puppy liked to have her way but there wasn't a day that she didn't make us laugh, never a time that she didn't melt our stress away. She was one of us, a family member who has left us feeling a great loss in our lives. For me personally, I had never cared much for dogs nor understood the love they could bring in one's life; but Ruby changed this as she has changed all of us for the better and we are very grateful for the time we had together. We miss you Woob...

Losing a beloved pet is so very hard on all of us. They have given us so much love through the years when they were with us here on earth and now we live with their wonderful memories.

Tax-deductible donations of $25.00 can be made in memory of a beloved pet. By memorializing your pet or a friend's or family member’s pet in this way, you help Nittany Beagle Rescue give beagles who are in shelters or with owners who can no longer keep them a second chance at a wonderful life.

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You can also send us a letter dedicated to your pet that has passed and/or a photo of the pet along with a request that they be posted on this page. Your letter and photo can be sent by email to

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