Nittany Beagle Rescue - LadyBird

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LadyBird · Adopted 2012


Bio at the Time of Adoption

Hi, My name is LadyBird & I'm an adorable female beagle who needs a home! Lady Bird is a little lover. She is calm and gentle and wants nothing more than to sit beside you and be petted. She has limited hearing but can still see very well and sniff too! She Loves kids and will follow them everywhere. She is a little weak in her hips but still does stairs like a champ and will turn in circles when she gets excited or for peanut butter. Her foster family lets her play in the yard when they are outside and she stays right with them, following her foster dad all over the yard. She likes the foster family's other other dogs & cat. She would be perfect for a calm household and wouldn’t require a lot of exercise but would need a soft bed and her blankie to cuddle. She is doing well with house training and will give subtle hints that she needs to go out. However, she still needs some extra help with housetraining when you bring her home. LadyBird had a dental that took care of some painful teeth and two mammary masses removed and this has given her an added spunk in her step. If you’re looking for a calm sweet little lover Lady Bird is the girl of your dreams! Please think about making LadyBird part of your family!