Nittany Beagle Rescue - Maggie

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Maggie · Adopted 2011


Bio at the Time of Adoption

This is a COURTESY POST. Hi! I'm Maggie, and I am a beautiful, 2 year old, tri-color beagle/basset hound mix! I am a little scared of some people at first, but I warm up really quickly and I especially love other dogs! I get along very well with everyone. My people friends say that I'm very smart- I recently learned how to "sit" and "shake," and am working on "wait" when the door opens. I can even tell you when I have to go potty, but I'm not always perfect about that. I don't have much leash training (so I wear a harness), but I ride well in the car and am very curious about smelling everything. I have big bursts of energy sometimes, followed by long periods of snoozing around. It would be great to live in a home where I have a yard to run around, sniff, and play. Did I mention that I love other dogs? I sometimes get a little scared when I'm left alone and will bark to let you know that I miss you, but I don't do anything bad otherwise! I like being around my people, especially if they'll let me cuddle up on their couch or bed with them! All around, I'm a pretty great gal and would love to be a part of your family! I need someone who will love me and help me continue to learn what is expected of me because I am very eager to please. Thanks for checking me out- I would love to meet you in person! Click on my page to see a different photo of me. Aren't I adorable! Please email is you are interested in me!