Nittany Beagle Rescue - Edna & Emma

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Edna & Emma · Adopted 2009

Edna & Emma

Bio at the Time of Adoption

Edna & Emma are two of the sweetest & most gentle dogs you'll ever meet! They are sisters who were brought to a shelter because their owner was moving & could not take them along. These poor girls were covered in mud & had fly bites all over! Their ears were raw & bleeding. They are in much better shape now & just have some scars left on their ears. Edna & Emma have been around children & other dogs, & they do very well! They were kept outdoors most of their life & were not well cared for. Edna & Emma are shy with new people (especially men) & around new situations at first. However, once they warm up to you, they love the attention! Edna & Emma will need work on housetraining, but they are bright, & with proper training, we expect them to learn quickly! Edna & Emma are 6 years old & already spayed. They have been living in a kennel for several months, but they just moved into a foster home! We will place Edna & Emma together since they are so bonded. Please open your heart & home to these 2 girls! Edna has a light tan coloring to her muzzle, while Emma's muzzle is white. Click on their picture to see another photo of Edna & Emma!