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UPDATED DESCRIPTION! Shila has been with Nittany Beagle Rescue for a few months. During that time, she has lost a lot of her excess weight, and is a much healthier dog! She is an active 9-year old tricolor beagle. She loves to play with the medium & large dogs in her foster home! She doesn't really care to play with the small dogs. She is fine with the cats as well! Shila loves to be outside playing in the yard with the other dogs or just sitting in the sun! A home with 1 or 2 other dogs that like to play, & a fenced yard would be best for Shila! She is affectionate & loving. Shila loves to be close to her person! She will sleep in bed with her person, & sit next to them on the couch. She does snore loud though! Shila will get into the garbage, but she leaves the food on the counter alone. Shila does have some separation issues when her people leave. However, if she is with another dog, it seems to help. Shila's prior owners reported that she was possessive with her food around other animals. However, the foster home hasn't observed any food possessiveness. When someone is home, Shila usually goes outside every few hours. But she can hold it for up to 7 hours. Shila does suffer from chronic ear infections, and so her new people must be prepared for the additional cost to care for them. Shila is spayed & up-to-date on vaccines. Are you the right family for Shila? If so, please think about making her part of your family! Click on Shila's page to see a different photo of her!

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  • Debbie and Marc
  • Anonymous - in honor of Poppy and Lucy

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