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Adopted Beagles, 2022


Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Abby & I'm a super sweet 6-year old female beagle! I'm very laid back. I love to give kisses & snuggle beside my people on the couch! And I just love to be petted & loved! I also love toys! I'm also a hunter - I move pretty fast when I'm sniffing! So I can never be off-leash or outside of a securely fenced-in yard. I'm fine with everyone I meet! I'm good with other dogs & children. I'm great with the cat in my foster home. I was kept in an outdoor kennel all my life as a hunting dog - until I went to a foster home for Nittany Beagle Rescue. And I'm loving it, as you can see from some of my photos! I really want to be loved & pampered - and to hang out on the couch with my people! I'm pretty low to the ground. I'm a little heavy at 37 lbs. - so I need a bit of a diet. I'm crate trained & working on housetraining in my foster home. I'm doing great with housetraining - I haven't had an accident yet! I ride really well in a car if you put me in a crate. I'm up-to-date on vaccines & spayed. Please think about making me part of your family! You will be so happy you did! Go to my petFinder page to see more photos of me!



Bio at Adoption: UPDATED 3/13/22 Hi! My name is Alabama & I'm a lemon & white male beagle mix. You can call me Al, for short. I'm about 5-6 years old, & I'm a real sweetheart! I'm very affectionate & easygoing! I'm timid & insecure when I first meet a new person. But once I get to know them, I'll come for pets & wag my tail! I'm afraid of new doorways, & I might need to be carried through a doorway until I get familiar with it. I really need a home who will help me blossom! I like to play with other dogs, & I like cuddling with them. I'm timid around bigger, more dominant dogs, though. I'm fine with cats. Sometimes I get so excited that I get the zoomies! When I was first introduced to the crate, I whined for a bit when I would go in, but now I'm good in the crate, which is where I was sleeping at night. I was neutered recently & I'm making great progress on housetraining. I haven't had any mistakes in the house since then. I like to be on the furniture with my people! I really love to cuddle & be held! I'm still learning about toys, & I really like them! I think shoes are toys though! I ride well in a car. I will not come if called - so I must be on-leash or in a securely fenced in yard when outside. Nittany Beagle Rescue doesn't know if Al ever lived with children, & so we will only place him in a home with older children or no children. Please think about making Al part of your family! More photos:



Bio at Adoption: UPDATED 5/25/2022 Hi! My name is Bonnie! I'm a very sweet senior hound mix! I adore people & I love to be petted. I'll even sit for attention & will give you my paw. I know 'sit', 'come', & 'go potty'. I'm so goofy when I'm happy! I'm a joy to be around! I love to hang out inside the house with my people. I like to roam around outside in fenced in yard - but I especially love to be inside & just lay around. I would appreciate a calm home at this point in my life. I've lived with other dogs, & I'm nervous at first, but then I get used to them. I sleep very soundly, & so I need a home where people or animals won't bump into me or jump on me when I'm sleeping. I'm housetrained & I'm used to being free to roam in the house when left alone. I can't do a full set of stairs, but I can climb 3 or 4 steps. I came from a shelter in the south. I'm currently being treated for heartworm; I will be placed in the State College area while I'm undergoing treatment. Please think about making me part of your family. I'm soooo sweet, you'll fall in love with me. I'm a loving companion & I'm anxious to find my forever home! Bonnie weighs about 41 lbs. & is about 12 years old. More photos:



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Bruno & I'm a 2.5 year old coonhound/lab/great dane/pointer mix. I'm a big boy! I weight over 60 lbs. & I'm too thin. I walk well on a leash except when I get excited, & then I pull. I'm extremely strong. I need a person with good dog handling skills. I'm the sweetest fellow! I love people! I want to make my people happy. I'm very energetic & playful! Afterall, I'm still a puppy. (I will tear things up - just like a puppy!) I love to play fetch, ball & tug-of-war! I love to run up & down stairs! I get excited around other dogs - sometimes I want to play, but other times I bark assertively at them. I have a big bark! I lived with a cat, but I wanted to chase him. I have a crate & I like to sleep in it. If you close the crate door & you get too close, I'll bark at you. But I'm OK if the crate door stays open. I bark at strangers if they come on my property. I have growled over a bone if you try to take it from me - so it's best not to give me one. I've never bitten anyone. I really am a great dog! Due to my size & strength, I need more obedience training before being around children. I'm basically housetrained. I'm used to going outside every few hours. I will stand near the door & look at you & whine when I need to go out. I ride well in a car if I'm in my crate. I know lots of commands! Please think about giving me a home if you are the right person for me! I'm neutered & up-to-date on vaccines. Click on my page to see another photo.


Buster & Polly

Bio at Adoption: Hi! We're Buster & Polly, & we're a team! We need a new home because our person is in poor health & can no longer care for us. We're very sweet dogs! We've fine with the cat that we've been around. We haven't been around other dogs, but we're probably fine with them also. We're about 12 years old, & both of us are in good shape! Buster is blind, but he does ok. He can climb stairs & maneuver around things. He needs help getting on the couch, & Buster does love to be on the couch with his person! Polly is a little skittish at first, but she warms up to you fairly quickly. Buster & Polly are mainly housetrained. They have also been trained to go on pee pads & newspapers. Buster is neutered. Polly will be spayed if recommended by our vet. Click on Buster & Polly's page to see a photo of Polly. This photo was taken when she was just getting to know the person who took her photo. Please think about giving these 2 dogs a forever home!



Bio at Adoption: UPDATED 5/4/2022 Hi! My name is Cooper & I'm a 16-month old male beagle. I'm an adorable little guy! I only weigh about 20 lbs., & so I need a very secure fenced yard (in case I decide to go under the fence). I'm really high energy, & so I need a home who can provide me with the exercise I need. I love to play tug of war, ball & fetch. I love lots of attention & I really want to be with people. When we're sitting together, I want to be right next to you or on you. I have a tendency to jump at people & demand your attention. So, I need a person who can help me develop better manners & build my self-confidence through proper training. I'll bark when left alone. Once I'm comfortable in my home, I'll only bark about 10 minutes when left. But before I'm comfortable, I might bark for hours. So I need a home where my barking won't disturb the neighbors. I love other dogs, & really want to run & play with them. I'm great with the cat & children in my foster home too! I'm housetrained & crate trained. I love to chew on my chew toys & nylabone/benabone! It's probably best to crate Cooper when he's home alone since he's a young guy & might get into things. Cooper is neutered & up-to-date on vaccines. Are you right for Cooper? If so, please think about giving him a forever home! More photos:



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Copper & I'm an 8-year old male beagle. I'm a great dog & a real people dog! I love to snuggle & cuddle with my people. I've very playful & I'll even play by myself! I like to push a ball around with my nose! I also LOVE to get under the blankets & wiggle around, & then pop my head out & then go back under the covers again! I like to sleep in bed with my person at night. I'm housetrained. I'll rest my nose on your leg when I need to go outside. Just ask me if I have to potty, & if I do, I'll wag my tail. I'm great with the cat I'm living with now. However, I get jealous of the other dog in the home when he is around my people. So I should be an only dog. I'm fine on car rides if I'm secured. (But if I'm not secured, I'm rambunctious in the car). I'll pull on a leash when walked, as most beagles do. I'm about 33 lbs. I don't chew on things in the house. The 1st few weeks I'm in a new home, I may cry loudly for quite a while when my person leaves, but then I adjust & calm down. I know how to open doors that aren't latched shut! I do not like to be made to get off the couch. I may act like I'll nip you if you try to get me off, but I'll move for a treat! While Copper has lived in homes with children of all ages, he'll only be placed in a home with no children or older children who can manage this behavior. Copper is looking for his forever home! Are you it? More photos:



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Daisy, & I'm an adorable 5.5 year old beagle! I'm very affectionate & loving! I love attention! I'm quite playful & very energetic! I love fetch & tug-of-war. I love having a fenced in yard, but it should be secure, or I'll dig underneath & get out. I will run out the door if I know it's open, so please make sure I'm secure before opening the door. I'm a typical beagle & so I don't come when called when outside. I've been around a cat & I just bark at her. I haven't lived with other dogs, but when I meet them on walks, I'm fine with them. I OK when left alone. (My prior family would leave me alone for 3-4 hours a few times a week). I'm very food driven & so I need a home with older children (10 years or older) or no children. In my prior family, if an adult dropped high value floor on the floor (like a chicken bone or a hamburger), all they had to say was "No! Daisy stop!" in a firm voice & I would stop moving towards it. I'm also fine with dry dog food. The 5-year old child in my prior home would give me my dog food & I was fine. I'm housetrained & crate trained. I'm used to being in a crate at night & when no one is home. If it's raining, I don't like to go outside. Sometimes I tinkle from excitement. I'm used to being crated in a car, & I ride well. I weight about 30 lbs. Are you the right person for me? If so, please send in an application! More photos:



Bio at Adoption: ADOPTION PENDING Hi! My name is Flint, & I'm a male tricolor beagle. I'm 9-months old! So I'm a young guy! I'm full of energy! I'm great with other dogs! I've also lived with cats. I'm a very sweet fellow! I ride well in a car. I'm housetrained, but you may need to reinforce that when I get to my forever home. I need to go outside every 3-4 hours. I'm neutered & ready to go to my forever home! Click on my page to see a different photo of me!



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Loki! I'm a very active & energetic 1-year old male beagle. I love to play fetch & tug-of-war! I'm a sweet little guy & I love people! I love to sit on the couch with my people & be petted! I sort of know commands like 'sit' & 'come.' I lived with a kitten in my former home & was good with him. I want to play with other dogs. I'm housetrained & crate trained. I'm used to sleeping in a crate at night, & I will go to my crate when I need a time-out. However, if I get excited, I will pee. I'm working on learning to go up & down stairs. I'm fine on short car trips (20-30 min.), but on longer ones, I can get car sick. I have eaten socks & have had to go to the emergency vet because of that. So it's really important that socks & things like unstuffed stuffed toys aren't where I can get them. Also, I can be possessive over things I shouldn't have (like socks or children's toys), & will growl & nip if you try to take them away from me. I've never broken skin, but I need training for that as soon as I go to my new home. Because of this, Loki will not go to a home with children under 12. It's very important that everyone in the home keeps soft things put away & not let Loki get hold of them. Loki will be neutered before he is adopted. Loki is such a sweet boy who needs a home where he can get the love & training he needs! If you think you're right for Loki, please think about giving him his forever home! You'll be glad you did! Click on my page to see a different photo.



Bio at Adoption: This beautiful 8-month old black & white beagle mix is the sweetest dog! Maverick is a very energetic dog - as young beagles are! So he needs a home who can keep up with him. He loves to play ball. He's also very affectionate & loving. He's been raised with children as young as 3 years of age & another dog. Maverick is housetrained & crate trained. He usually goes outside every 2 or 3 hours during the day, & he will go to the door when he needs to go outside. At night, he sleeps in a crate with a puppy pad. He's at that age where he chews whatever he can get hold of! So his new family needs to puppy proof their home & have constructive ways of dealing with the chewing. He also needs work on house manners (he'll get up on the table). Maverick rides well in a car. A family that has experience training young dogs is best for Maverick! Maverick weighs about 27 lbs. Are you the right home for Maverick? If you think you are, please send in an application! More photos:



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Meadow! I'm an older female hound mix. I'm super sweet! And I'm smart! When you talk to me, it's like I know what you're saying, & I listen! I'm a bit bigger than a beagle. I'm 65 lbs. of sweetness & cuteness! I'm an attentive & affectionate girl. I'm also quite mannerly. I'm easygoing & sociable - I really love people! I get excited when you ask me if I want a carrot! I love them! I also love snow! I like to sleep on the couch at night. I'm good with other dogs & cats. I've been around children as young as 9. A home with older children, other dogs & cats would be just fine with me! I don't like other dogs coming near my food when I'm eating, though - I'll growl at them when they do that. I'm housetrained & used to going outside about every 4-6 hours. I'll nudge my person when I need to go outside. I need a fenced-in yard or to be on-leash when outside because I'll take off. I pull when on a leash. Meadow should not be placed on a tie-out. In her early years, she was tied to a tree all the time. Meadow is afraid of loud sounds & gun shots. She doesn't really like car rides since she tends to get car sick. Meadow needs a new home because her person is being relocated & can't take her with him. She is about 10 years old - but she's energetic & loves to run! Please think about making Meadow part of your family! She is anxious to find her forever home! More photos:



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Molly & I'm an adorable 7-year old female beagle. I'm very friendly & I love to give kisses! I love people! I also like to play tug-of-war. I'm a calm dog in the house. But I'm a real hunter when outside. I'll get on a scent & go! So it's critical that I always be on a leash or a securely fenced in yard. I can dig under a fence, & I can climb or jump a 4-foot chain link fence. So I need a home where I'm always walked on leash, or the fence goes into the ground (to prevent a dog from digging out) & is high so I can't jump or climb out. I've been known to dash out the door - so I need a home where there are barriers to me getting loose if I run out the door. I don't have any street sense. I'm great with other dogs. I've been around children, but I could knock a small child down. I've never been around cats, but I'm probably fine with them. I'm housetrained & crate trained. I go to the door when I need to go outside. I like to hang out on the sofa with my people - but I'm also OK laying in a dog bed next to my people. I'm already spayed & up-to-date on vaccines. Please think about making me part of your family & giving me a forever home! I'm such a great dog! More photos:



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Oliver, but you can call me Ollie! I'm a beautiful 1.5 year old male beagle. I'm very friendly & good-natured! I love people! I lived with a young teenager & was fine with him. I'm an energetic fellow, which is normal for young beagles. I also tend to get into things & destroy them - which is typical of young (& some older) dogs. I love to play - especially fetch, tag, tug of war & ball! When I've been around other dogs, I just want to play with them! I haven't been around cats. I'll jump on people, so I need a person who can work with me on that. I'm housetrained & crate trained. I'll tell you when I need to go outside - but of course, you have to listen to me. I'll whimper when I first go into a crate. I'm used to going outside 5-6 times a day. I'm great in a car! I will curl up & go to sleep, or ride quietly. When I'm excited, I'll bark when we stop, but once we get moving again, I'll quiet down. I'm a runner, so it's critical I always be in a securely fenced in yard or on leash. We do not recommend tie-outs or lines for young driven dogs. I weigh about 33 lbs, & I could lose just 1-2 lbs. so I'm muscular. A good weight for me would be about 31 or 32 lbs. I'm already neutered & up-to-date on vaccines. I need a home that will enjoy my energy & spirit, & make sure I get the exercise & play that I need. If that's you, please think about giving me a home! More photos:



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Red! I'm a super sweet senior male beagle who is looking for my forever family. I've lived all my life in a tiny pen - until September, when I arrived at Nittany Beagle Rescue. Food, people, & being snuggled are my favorite things in life! I'm very friendly towards all ages of people and I'm learning how to be a good house dog in my new life thanks to my foster family. I'm good with other dogs (living with 2) & at times can be food and treat possessive due to my past, but my foster family is working with me. I would also be fine as the only dog in the house, as long as I get lots of attention :) I'm not a fan of cats as I was trained to hunt, and I have a great nose that still works, so I can never be off-leash or outside of a securely fenced yard. I weigh about 25 lbs. but I can pull on the leash if I catch a scent. When I get excited I will do the beagle bay! Don't be fooled by my senior age, I have a lot of spunk & I can be very active if you want me to be! I sometimes get so excited to give my humans love that I get underfoot. I will be best in a home with older children (or no children) who know how to properly treat a dog and people who can take me on walks daily - I love my walks! I'm learning basic commands & am very food motivated! Please give me a chance & make me part of your family! I'm up-to-date on vaccines, neutered, & crate and house trained. See more photos:



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Sasha & I'm a full-fledged husky! So I'm an honorary beagle! I'll be 2-years old in September. I'm an active girl! I'm quite playful & sociable! I love to play tug-of-war, ball & to run around in a fenced yard! I'm also very attentive & affectionate! I'm a confident, independent girl. I was raised with a child in elementary school & I'm great with them! I'm used to being free in the house during the day - I've never been destructive. I'm housetrained & I go to the door when I need to go outside. I'm used to sleeping at the bottom of the stairs in my own bed at night. I walk well on a leash, but I'm extremely strong & will run if you drop the leash. Just like a beagle, I'll take off if I'm not in a securely fenced yard & off-leash. I'm up-to-date on vaccines & spayed. I've never been in a crate. Click on my page to see another photo of me! Please think about making me part of your family!



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Scout! I'm a 7-month male beagle. I'm a puppy so I'm super energetic! I'm a young guy, so I really want to run & play & jump! I also like tug-of-war, ball & fetch. I'm an affectionate guy & super sweet! I've been raised with children who are 1 year old, & 4 & 5 year olds. While I'm a super sweet guy, I'm too rough for children that young. I'm at that age where I need a lot of very consistent training. I like to be outside, but I really want my people to be with me. I'll talk at you when I need to go outside to potty. I'm also crate trained! When my people leave the house, I should be crated since I'm a puppy (I'll destroy things if I'm not). I will bark in the crate for awhile, but then I stop. At night, I sleep in my crate, & I do very well! I love having a fenced yard, but I'm a digger. So I need a home where there are barriers that keep me from digging out under the fenced yard. I don't have to go to a home with a fenced yard, as long as my people are really active & take me for lots of walks & runs every day (on-leash, of course!) I'm very good with the other dog in my foster home. I'm a vocal guy & I have a good loud beagle howl! I get car sick, so I'd rather stay at home than go on errands with you. I'm already up-to-date on vaccines & will be neutered before I'm adopted. Are you the right for me! I'm anxiously waiting for my forever home to make me part of the family! Click on my page to see a different photo of me!



Bio at Adoption: AVAILABLE 4/18/22! Hi! I'm Sky, a beautiful 8-year old female tricolor beagle. I'm an easygoing & loving girl! I love to chew on stuffed animals! I also like to play fetch & tug-of-war. Once I get used to my new home, I'm OK if you're away all day from the home (8-9 hours). But it can take a few weeks for me to get used to it. I'm housetrained & crate trained. Once I'm used to my new home, you can let me be free in the house when no one is home. When my people are home, I like to go outside every few hours. I will pace when I need to go outside. I like to sleep in bed with my people at night. But sometimes I prefer to sleep on the dog bed next to my people's bed. I will tree & track animals - so it's critical that I always be on leash or in a securely fenced in yard when outside. I'm good with older children who are calm (say, 8 years & older). However, I don't like to be around small children - especially active ones who get in my space. I'm good with cats. I was living with another beagle for awhile, & there were some problems. So I might be best as an only dog. (Big dogs scare me.) I'll growl if you mess with my food. I'll also growl over toys but I'm being playful when I do that. I would love a calm home where my people love & adore me! I'll adore you right back! I weigh about 32 lbs. If you think you're right for me, please consider making me part of your family. Click on my page to see another photo of me! I'm already spayed & up-to-date on vaccines.



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Zip! I'm an older guy. And I'm a beagle mix. I weigh about 61 lbs. I've been passed from owner to owner, & I really need a loving forever home. I'm not used to people paying attention to me. But please give me some loving & petting, & I'll be so happy! I'm a real sweetheart! I'm also very calm. I probably haven't lived in a house much, & so I need work with housetraining. Nittany Beagle Rescue can provide some guidance on that. It's not that hard to housetrain older dogs that have lived outside all their lives - in fact it usually takes less time than housetraining a puppy. Please think about making Zip part of your family! You will be rewarded in so many ways! A better photo of Zip is coming soon!

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