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Adopted Beagles, 2020


Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Billy, and I'm a happy 6-year brown and black male beagle. I'm a very sweet & affectionate fellow! I am good with other dogs and cats! I'm also good with children. I've been around a 15-month old & a 7-year old child, & I'm very good with both of them. I listen well - just say 'no' if I shouldn't be doing something. Billy is strong & pulls on a leash. He is quite energetic & needs a fenced in yard. Billy is housetrained already. He is also neutered and up-to-date on shots. Please think about making Billy part of your family! Click on Billy's page to see another photo of him.



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Bindi, & I'm a wonderful 2-year old female beagle mix. I'm young & energetic! But after a 20-30 minute walk, I mellow out! I'm a very smart girl! I really want to be with my people. I would love to sleep in bed with my people at night. I will jump a 5 foot fence if my person is on the other side. The fence I jumped also had an invisible fence installed & I took the shock in order to be with my person. So I probably need a home in which my people are very active & will take me for lots of walks and runs (on-leash, of course). I would be ok in a fenced in yard if my people were with me. I've had a rough life - other dogs have beat me up. I really like to play with other dogs! I want to be dominant with other dogs. So I would be fine in a home with other dogs as long as they are submissive and like to play. I don't like cats, though. I am protective of my person and others in my family. It's important that all people in the family bond with me. I would be best in a home with one or two adults. And I need a home where the people have very good dog skills. A home that would take me to training & agility would be the best! I am very food motivated, so you train me with treats. I am housetrained. I'm also spayed and up-to-date on vaccines. I need a home! Please think about making me part of your family! Click on my page to see another photo of me!



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Delilah! I'm a very sweet, active 7-year old female tricolor beagle. I'm just a little girl and weigh only 20 lbs., but I have lots of energy! I LOVE to go for walks! It may take me some time to warm up to everyone, but once I do, I love to sit in your lap & give kisses. I would love to sleep in bed with you at night, but I'm also OK sleeping in a dog bed in your bedroom. I love to play with toys & will rip all of the stuffing out of them. I don't like bigger dogs, & would do best with a smaller, calm female dog in the house (or be the only dog!). I can be possessive over my toys & food. I'm housetrained & crate trained. Please think about giving me a home! Click on my page to see a different photo of me!



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Deuce & I'm a very sweet male tricolor beagle! I'm 7 years old. I'm easygoing & laid back! I've been around other dogs, & I'm great with them! I've been around children as young as 9 years, & I'm great with them also! I'm an affectionate & loving guy! I'm also active & playful! I like to play fetch & ball. I'm also quite sociable! I've lived outside all my life & I'm anxious to live in a home with my people! My family will need to work on housetraining with me, but Nittany Beagle Rescue can provide guidance on how to housetrain an adult dog. I will be neutered before I'm adopted. I'm living in a boarding kennel now, but I'm anxious to be part of a family! Will you make me part of your family? I hope someone does soon! Click on my page to see a different photo of me! You can also go to my PetFinder site & see a few more photos of me:



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Ferris! I'm a very sweet & affectionate 8-year old male beagle. I want to be with my person so much, that I will press up against them! I'm good with other dogs! I tend to be very submissive with them. I'm already neutered. I'm also housetrained. However, I am terribly frightened of everything - including going outside. So this creates difficulty with housetraining, even though I have the idea that I should go outside. It is difficult to get me outside because I'm so afraid. But I am incredibly food motivated and it's possible to lure me outside with treats. However, that takes time, and so I need someone who has the time & patience to work with me on my fears. (I'm also afraid of loud sounds). I have been raised with other dogs & I'm great with them. I'm very submissive with other dogs. If another dog snaps at me (because maybe I get too close to their food), I will run away from the dog. I've also been raised with children. However, due to my fears, a quiet home without children would be best. I don't play - I'm too afraid. I want to sleep in bed with my person at night, & be next to them on the couch. I do mark in the house, so my person will need to work with me on that. We don't know if Ferris is cratetrained. A crate may help him feel secure. On the other hand, if he doesn't like the crate, it is critical he not be put in one. We will have more pictures of Ferris soon! If you are right for Ferris, please think about giving him a lifetime, loving home!



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Petey. Aren't I adorable! I'm a sweetheart of a fellow! I'm a male tri-color beagle, & I'm about 8 or 9 years old. I'm easygoing fellow! I'm a little slow to rise in the morning. But once I'm awake, I'm very playful! I love fetch, ball & tug of war! I'm also affectionate! I can be quite sensitive. I enjoy being around other dogs! I'm partially housetrained, even though I've lived outside my entire life. But I just went into a foster home & am learning about living in a house now! I love food! I also like baths! I'm good on a leash for a beagle! I'm anxious to be part of a family, living in the home with my people! I respond well to praise. I ride well in a car. I'm already neutered & up-to-date on vaccines. Please think about making me part of your family! Click on my page to see a photo of me howling!



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Ruby & I'm a very sweet female beagle/bulldog mix. I'm 2 years old, so I have lots of energy right now. (But I'll slow down once I'm older). I love attention! I'm also very playful. I can be stubborn, too. But most beagles are. LOL I love to play tug-of-war! I'm crate trained & I love my crate! I need a little work on housetraining. I love other dogs! I ride really well in a car! I've been raised with an 8-year old child & I'm fine with him. While I'm not possessive of my dog food, I am possessive of people food. Ruby needs a home where she will get lots of exercise & attention. Please think about making Ruby part of your family! Ruby is living in a kennel now & desperately needs a home! Click on Ruby's page to see another photo of her!

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