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Adopted Beagles, 2019


Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Amelia! I'm a real sweetheart. I'm a beagle mix, & I'm probably close to 45 pounds. I'm an older gal, & I'm anxious to find my forever home! I'm affectionate & loving! I'm easygoing too! I don't really play with toys. I just want to be with my person. I have lived with other dogs & cats in my foster home. I get along well with other animals. However, I am possessive of my food with other animals. But that is easily managed. I am housetrained. I will stand by the door when I need to go outside. I seem to be a little deaf, so I don't respond well to commands. I ride well in a car, but I do get car sick. I am already spayed and up-to-date on vaccines. Please think about making me part of you family! Click on my page to see another photo of me!



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Chew, & I'm a male tri-color beagle. I'm 2 years old, so I'm a young guy, & I'm full of energy! I'm also easygoing & loving! I'm playful too! (Although I've never really had any toys, so it might take me awhile to figure out what to do with them.) I've been living in a crate for the past 2 months, & when I need to go outside, I would paw at the crate. Prior to that, I was living in an outdoor kennel, & sometimes in the house. So I will need work on housetraining, but I seem to be getting the idea! Also, I will probably need some work on house manners when you first take me home. I do well in a car, although I've always been in a crate when riding in a car. I'm a little guy, & I'm really thin right now. So I'm not as strong as what I will be once I get some weight on me. I will take off if you drop my leash, so it's important that I'm always on a leash or in a securely fenced yard when outside. I get along well with other dogs. I haven't been around cats. Also, I haven't been around children, and so I will be placed in an adult-only home, or one with older children who know how to properly handle a dog. I will be neutered and up-to-date on shots before I'm adopted. I'm living in a boarding kennel & anxious to find my forever home! Please think about making me part of your home! Click on my page to see another photo of me!



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Murray! I'm a very sweet male tricolor beagle, & I'm about 4 years old. I may be mixed with some basset. I'm very outgoing & friendly! I'm also playful & loving! I've lived with young children & I do very well with them. I like to play tug of war & ball. I like to sleep in bed with my person, & to hang out on the furniture with you. I ride really well in a car. I've also lived with other dogs. I got along really well with the big ones (like labs). I also lived with a couple of different male jack russell terrier, but did not get along with them. So Nittany Beagle Rescue doesn't know if Murray doesn't like some dogs, or if he has an issue with jack russells, in particular. Murray needs work on housetraining. He is cratetrained, but will howl in the crate for the 1st 5 or 10 minutes. Murray does not like to be put outside on a tie-out. (He will howl). Murray's former family said that he doesn't like his tail touched (he'll snarl but not snap or bite). Nittany Beagle Rescue has not noticed that yet, but it's possible the behavior may occur once he is comfortable in his surroundings. Murray is up-to-date on vaccines, and is scheduled to be neutered on 12/18. He is living is a boarding kennel & anxious to find his forever home! Please think about giving Murray a home! Click on Murray's page to see a different photo of him!



Bio at Adoption: Hi! I'm Roscoe! I'm a silver pure-bred beagle & I'm extremely handsome! (My mother was a tri-color beagle, & my father was gray, white & tan). I'm an older guy (9 years old) & I desperately need a home. My people are moving & can't find a place that will take me also. I'm very loving & affectionate! But don't let my age fool you! I'm an active fellow! I've been raised with children, & I'm good with them. The children in my former home were 5 & 15. I'm housetrained, although sometimes I will mark in the house. I will sit at the door to let you know I need to go outside. I'm not neutered yet, but will be soon. I like to sleep in my crate at night - just leave the door open. I will go right in. I'm used to being outside all day, but come in at night. But I'm fine in the house all day also. I've lived with other dogs & I'm fine with them. I haven't been around cats, but I'm probably fine with them also. Please think about giving me a home. I'm living in a boarding kennel & that's no place for an older guy!



Bio at Adoption: Hi! My name is Zac & I'm a senior beagle. I need a new home because one of my owners passed away, & the other one is moving to an apartment that doesn't allow pets. I'm an easygoing fellow! I'm loving & affectionate. I'm a well-behaved dog! I'm also fairly quiet for a beagle. I like people! I've been around children, & so I should be fine if children came to visit. However, I'm an older guy, & so I need a home with only adults or older children. A home with young or active children would be too much for me. I'm housetrained, & I'm used to going outside 4-5 times a day. I will go to the door or pace to let you know that I need to go outside. I'm used to someone being home most of the time. At night, I like to sleep on my pillow in the bedroom with my person. I'm also crate trained. I like to be in the crate when no one is home. When you get home, I like to run around the house! I don't like car rides. I tend to get a little car sick unless you put me in a crate. My back legs are a little weaker than my front legs. My vet said it's a beagle-thing & I'm not on any meds for it. But I would probably do best in a home where there aren't a lot of stairs. I need a home soon! Please think about making me part of your family!

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