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Our Beagles!

Instructions on how to adopt a beagle from Nittany Beagle Rescue and the adoption application form can be found on the Adopt a Beagle page.


Hi! My name is Achilles & I'm an adorable 8-year old male beagle. I'm a great dog! I'm very loving & like to hang out with my people! I'm really sociable & I like people! I'm also very easygoing. I like to sleep in a dog bed in the bedroom with my people. In the past, I liked to sleep under a blanket. I'm great with other dogs, cats & older children. I've played with children aged 10 & over & have been very good with them. However, toddlers make me nervous, & so I need a home without babies and preschoolers. I'm housetrained, although I need to stay on a schedule. I am fine loose in the house while my people are out. And so while I'm crate trained, I haven't been crated the past several years. I will go to the door if I need to go outside. I ride well in a car for shorter trips. But I tend to get car sick on long trips. I'm already neutered & up-to-date on vaccines. However, I'm living in a boarding kennel & I need a home! Please think about making me part of your family! Click on my page to see another photo of me!


Albert (the dog formerly known as Tucker)

Meet Albert! He used to be called Tucker, but his foster family thinks Albert is a more fitting name! Albert was surrendered to an area shelter because his person moved, but Nittany Beagle Rescue was able to take him. Albert is very affectionate. He's quite lively! He loves treats & he will sit for a treat. In one photo, a person is holding a treat for him & he would love to have it! Albert is good with children & other dogs (although big dogs scare him). He rides really well in a car. Albert is housetrained and is excellent in a crate. However, he does have some accidents that can be solved by him wearing a belly band. Albert goes all night without having an accident & he sleeps in the crate at night. Albert is a little guy - he only weighs about 22 lbs. Because he's an older fellow, he won't be placed in a home with young children. Albert is up-to-date on vaccines & neutered. Please give Albert his forever home! Click on his page to see another picture of Albert!



Hi! My name is Kelly & I'm an adorable 7-year old female tricolor beagle. I am a very sweet girl! I belonged to an older gentleman who was no longer able to keep me & several other beagles. I lived outside with my sister, Molly, who is available for adoption through Centre County PAWS. (My brother & father are also available for adoption through Centre County PAWS). I am so ready to live in the house with my family! I am affectionate & easygoing! I get along well with other dogs & cats. I've been exposed to children & am fine with them. I'm just a loving happy girl, & I need a home! I'm a little timid with new things. I am crate trained & working on housetraining in my foster home. I tend to get carsick, so it's best to leave me at home when you take a trip. I am spayed & up-to-date on vaccines. I am anxious to find my forever home! Please think about making me a permanent part of your family! Click on my page to see a different photo of me!



Hi! My name is Lady & I'm a very sweet 10 year old female beagle. I'm very affectionate & loving! I'm also a happy & easygoing girl. I'm active & playful, & I like to play fetch & tug-of-war. I love my toys! (Sometimes I chew them up!) It may sound like a growl when you take my toy, but I'm not aggressive at all - that's just the sound I make. Lady is a sensitive soul. She was not raised with children, & since she is older, a home with all adults or teenagers would be best. Lady is housetrained, & used to going outside 3 times a day. Lady will bark at the door to let you know when she needs to go outside. Lady was raised as a hunter, so it's important that she not get loose outside. She LOVES to go for walks! Lady is starved for attention & while she has lived with other dogs all her life, she would prefer to be the only dog. When out on a walk, it's best to introduce her to other dogs slowly. She is fine with cats, but will chase them. At night, Lady will sleep somewhere in the house - maybe in bed with her person, or maybe on the sofa. It might be necessary to crate her since she can open some refrigerator & cabinet doors. She is OK with that, but she wants to be with her people & so it's important that she be with her people after they get home from work. The best way to get Lady to listen is to praise her & offer treats. Please think about making Lady part of your family! She is about 25 lbs. & will fit right in! Click on Lady's page to see a photo of her with her toy!


Nancy Anne

Hi! My name is Nancy Anne & I'm the sweetest girl! I'm about 7 years old & I'm probably a beagle mix. I'm a mild mannered girl & I love to be with my people! I'm very sensitive to my person's needs. I also love to cuddle & to be brushed! I also love toys! I've had a very rough life! I was abused & neglected earlier in my life. I was starved & now I tend to eat too much. (I'm on a diet now). In my prior life, I was kept in a dog box outside with no insulation. Also, I was hit by a tractor & tailor when I was young, & so my nasal cavity is messed up. When I breath heavy it sounds like I'm growling, but it's just my nasal cavity. Nancy Anne has been exposed to children & was good with them when they visited. Nancy Anne has had such a hard life! She would love to be the only dog so she can get lots of attention. We think a home where she can lean against her person & be petted & brushed & loved would be perfect for her! She seems to be fine with cats. On walks she seems fine with small dogs, but bigger dogs scare her. She is housetrained & spayed. At the vet's office, she didn't like it when they lifted her to the table & restrained her. So it's possible Nancy Anne doesn't like to be lifted or cornered. Nancy Anne is sometimes possessive over her food, which is natural for a dog who has been starved. Please think about making Nancy Anne part of your family! Click on her page to see another photo of her.


Shy Girl

Hi! My name is Shy Girl, but you can call me Shy! I'm a very sweet female tricolor beagle. I just turned 5 years old. I'm wonderful with other dogs! I've been raised with older children & I'm great with them also. I'm an affectionate & loving girl. I'm also playful & sociable. Even though I can be shy sometimes, I'm outgoing & like to meet new people. I am afraid of loud noises, though. I lived outside in my former home, but I would come into the kitchen for a few hours or overnight sometimes. I showed signs of being housetrained. I will howl & go to the door if I need to go outside. I am also crate trained. I ride very well in the car. I will be spayed before I'm adopted. I am anxious to find my forever family & to hang out on the couch with my people! Click on my page to see another photo of me. Please give me a home!