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Our Beagles!

Instructions on how to adopt a beagle from Nittany Beagle Rescue and the adoption application form can be found on the Adopt a Beagle page.

Albert (the dog formerly known as Tucker)

Meet Albert! He used to be called Tucker, but his foster family thinks Albert is a more fitting name! Albert was surrendered to an area shelter because his person moved, but Nittany Beagle Rescue was able to take him. Albert is very affectionate. He's quite lively! He loves treats & he will sit for a treat. In one photo, a person is holding a treat for him & he would love to have it! Albert is good with children & other dogs (although big dogs scare him). He rides really well in a car. Albert is housetrained and is excellent in a crate. However, he does have some accidents that can be solved by him wearing a belly band. Albert goes all night without having an accident & he sleeps in the crate at night. Albert is a little guy - he only weighs about 22 lbs. Because he's an older fellow, he won't be placed in a home with young children. Albert is up-to-date on vaccines & neutered. Please give Albert his forever home! Click on his page to see another picture of Albert!



Hi! My name is Chipper and & I'm a 3-4 year old female beagle! I'm a very sweet girl! I'm very loving with my people. I love to sit on their lap! I'm also quite active & I have lots of energy! When I come in from outside, I love to run around the house & then I leap onto my person's lap! I like to play tug-of-war. I am very shy & insecure. But once I get to know my people, I'm not shy. I'm extremely shy with strangers, though, & I'm easily frightened. I must be in a securely fenced area or on a zip line when outside. I would run off if I got loose, so it's critical that I be in a home where I can't run out the door or get loose when I'm outside. Because I'm so shy & easily frightened of strangers, I need a home with 1 or 2 quiet adults. I'm good with cats & seem to be good with other dogs. I am housetrained & crate trained, although I may have a few accidents at first. I'm used to going outside 3-4 times per day. I will stare at my people or prance around to let them know I need to go outside. I ride really well in a car. I'm already spayed & up-to-date on shots. I weigh less than 25 lbs. I'm living in a kennel now & I hope my forever home comes soon! Click on my page to see a different photo of me! ADOPTION PENDING.



Hi! My name is Duke & I'm a 4-year old male beagle! I'm a big boy - I might be close to 50 lbs! But I'm just a sweet lug of a guy! I've been around other dogs & cats & I'm good with them! I like to play with cats! I've been around children from ages 2 years old & older, & I'm playful & jump on them. I've never lived with children, though. I have always lived as an outside dog. I just went into a foster home & I'm learning all about housetraining & house manners. I've had some skin problems & may have a food allergy. So I'm on a prescription food right now, but maybe I'll be able to switch to a high quality food instead of prescription. I love baths! I'm already neutered. I'm a great dog! Please think about making me part of your family!



Hi! My name is Quagmire, but you can call me Quag or Beagle for short! I'm a 6-year old male tricolor beagle. I'm a really sweet fellow! I'm very loving & affectionate! I'm attentive to my people. I'm also playful & very active. I'm fantastic in the car! I've been around children aged 4 to 10 years, & I'm good with them, although I will jump on them. I'm lived with another dog & I'm good with other dogs. However, I like to be dominant. I have longer legs than average for a beagle. And I'm quite trim! I do have some separation issues, so it's necessary to keep me crated when no one is home. I like to eat people food, & will get into the garbage. So it's best to put the garbage where I can't get it. When outside, Quag needs to be in a fenced area or on leash, which is normal for a beagle. He likes to dig - which is normal beagle behavior also. Quag is housetrained & used to going outside every few hours. He will claw at the door to let you know he needs to go outside. However, he will dribble pee when he's excited. He will also mark his territory. Quag isn't neutered yet. Nittany beagle Rescue will have him neutered & get him a full check-up. Quag is living in a boarding kennel & desperately wants to be part of a family! Please think about making him part of your home! Click on Quagmire's page to see another photo of him!



Hi! I'm Roscoe! I'm a silver pure-bred beagle & I'm extremely handsome! (My mother was a tri-color beagle, & my father was gray, white & tan). I'm an older guy (9 years old) & I desperately need a home. My people are moving & can't find a place that will take me also. I'm very loving & affectionate! But don't let my age fool you! I'm an active fellow! I've been raised with children, & I'm good with them. The children in my former home were 5 & 15. I'm housetrained, although sometimes I will mark in the house. I will sit at the door to let you know I need to go outside. I'm not neutered yet, but will be soon. I like to sleep in my crate at night - just leave the door open. I will go right in. I'm used to being outside all day, but come in at night. But I'm fine in the house all day also. I've lived with other dogs & I'm fine with them. I haven't been around cats, but I'm probably fine with them also. Please think about giving me a home. I'm living in a boarding kennel & that's no place for an older guy! ADOPTION PENDING.



Hi! My name is Zac & I'm a senior beagle. I need a new home because one of my owners passed away, & the other one is moving to an apartment that doesn't allow pets. I'm an easygoing fellow! I'm loving & affectionate. I'm a well-behaved dog! I'm also fairly quiet for a beagle. I like people! I've been around children, & so I should be fine if children came to visit. However, I'm an older guy, & so I need a home with only adults or older children. A home with young or active children would be too much for me. I'm housetrained, & I'm used to going outside 4-5 times a day. I will go to the door or pace to let you know that I need to go outside. I'm used to someone being home most of the time. At night, I like to sleep on my pillow in the bedroom with my person. I'm also crate trained. I like to be in the crate when no one is home. When you get home, I like to run around the house! I don't like car rides. I tend to get a little car sick unless you put me in a crate. My back legs are a little weaker than my front legs. My vet said it's a beagle-thing & I'm not on any meds for it. But I would probably do best in a home where there aren't a lot of stairs. I need a home soon! Please think about making me part of your family!