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Donate to Nittany Beagle Rescue

Make a donation to Nittany Beagle Rescue, and help us continue saving the lives of beagles in central Pennsylvania. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and your donation is tax deductible.

Your donation can be made online by credit card using PayPal, a global leader in online payment services.

Please answer a few questions and then click on Donate below. You will be taken to PayPal to complete your donation.

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Recent Donations - Thank You!

  • Dina Liberatore
  • Susan McDermott - in honor of For Buddy the Beagle
  • Anonymous
  • Michael Stolz - in honor of Colin, now known as Ollie
  • Beth Bilsborrow
  • Pam & Kevin Murray
  • Valerie A. Purdy-Pyeron
  • Kathi Immordino - in memory of Winston
  • Fabiana Rodriguez
  • Fabiana Rodriguez
  • Marja Kaisla - in memory of All the beautiful beagles that have graced our lives
  • Lorber Family - in honor of Mr. Gerry Lyons
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous - in honor of Marc Witzig
  • Sharon Aldrich - in honor of Copper, Charlie, and Brutus
  • Mark Schoenauer - in honor of Kameryn & her doggy friends
  • Meredith Ely - in memory of Porkchop
  • Amber Schoenauer - in honor of Diane Stoner
  • Laura Guskiewicz - in honor of Beagles Mona & Willow
  • Ali Cook - in honor of beaglepalooza sweatshirt
  • Anonymous
  • Krys Simmons - in memory of Wyatt and Maggie
  • Carl and Kathy Sillman - in honor of Those rascals Max and Sammie
  • trisha stricker - in honor of beagle palooza
  • Anonymous
  • Kairann Smutz
  • Lisa Bahr
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Kairann Smutz
  • Amanda Mulfinger
  • Patrick Marabella - in honor of Daisy
  • Melissa Mull - in memory of Bear our beloved Beagle/Chow, who gave us lots of memories to cherish
  • Shannon Pasch-Fleck - in honor of Leash
  • Anonymous
  • Annie Rose - in honor of Dr. Renee Calvert
  • Melissa Mull - in memory of Bear our beloved Beagle/Chow, who gave us lots of memories to cherish
  • Bev hein - in honor of Dog shirt
  • Dawn Helsley
  • Dawn Helsley
  • Dawn Helsley
  • Trish jurgens - in honor of Beaglepalooza tennis balls x3
  • Danielle Curtorillo - in honor of Penn State shirt and dog sweater
  • Diane Stoner
  • Julianne Anglestein - in memory of Emma, my first special beagle
  • Bethany Vangrin
  • Ashley Yost - in honor of Beaglepalooza Toy
  • Ashley Reichelderfer - in honor of Goats milk lotion and supplement
  • Shawn Hein
  • Marie Chesnick - in honor of Beagle Ornament & Owl Toy
  • Robin Irwin - in honor of Pet Quilt
  • Anonymous
  • Nikita Robinson - in memory of My beagle Shiloh
  • Amy Mauk - in memory of Roxie
  • Anonymous - in honor of Beagle hipster pillow 1 of 2
  • Mark Schoenauer - in honor of Two toys + Week of Farmer's Dog Food
  • Penny straw
  • Natalie Healy - in honor of Winter bath and body works
  • Nl