Nittany Beagle Rescue - Nancy Anne

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Nancy Anne · Adopted 2018

Nancy Anne

Bio at the Time of Adoption

Hi! My name is Nancy Anne & I'm the sweetest girl! I'm about 7 years old & I'm probably a beagle mix. I'm a mild mannered girl & I love to be with my people! I'm very sensitive to my person's needs. I also love to cuddle & to be brushed! I also love toys! I've had a very rough life! I was abused & neglected earlier in my life. I was starved & now I tend to eat too much. (I'm on a diet now). In my prior life, I was kept in a dog box outside with no insulation. Also, I was hit by a tractor & tailor when I was young, & so my nasal cavity is messed up. When I breath heavy it sounds like I'm growling, but it's just my nasal cavity. Nancy Anne has been exposed to children & was good with them when they visited. Nancy Anne has had such a hard life! She would love to be the only dog so she can get lots of attention. We think a home where she can lean against her person & be petted & brushed & loved would be perfect for her! She seems to be fine with cats. On walks she seems fine with small dogs, but bigger dogs scare her. She is housetrained & spayed. At the vet's office, she didn't like it when they lifted her to the table & restrained her. So it's possible Nancy Anne doesn't like to be lifted or cornered. Nancy Anne is sometimes possessive over her food, which is natural for a dog who has been starved. Please think about making Nancy Anne part of your family! Click on her page to see another photo of her.