Nittany Beagle Rescue - Maggie May

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Maggie May · Adopted 2017

Maggie May

Bio at the Time of Adoption

Maggie May is a sweet female beagle looking for people to shower with love and affection. You can call her Maggie for short. She just turned 8 years old and, after spending her whole life outdoors being used to produce litters of puppies for sale, she is ready and eager for a home of her own. Maggie is gentle and calm with everyone she meets and just needs a little time and patience from her new person as she figures out her suddenly expanded world. She is coming along well with house training but isn't perfect yet, which is understandable for a girl who has spent so many years living in a raised outside hutch. Fortunately, she was not cruelly treated, and so is not fearful. She is just excited to learn and very happy to be out in the world beginning her own new life after having so faithfully cared for her many puppies over the years. Now it's her turn to get a home! As a full bred beagle, of course she follows her nose, needing to be always on leash when walking and ideally have a securely fenced yard at home. She is great with other dogs and loves their company. Her coat is silky soft and she is a perfect size at about 23 pounds. She has been spayed, fully vetted and micro-chipped, is crate trained and walks on leash very well considering her lack of experience with it. Maggie is a low to moderate energy lady who just wants to hang out with you, share a cuddle and a stroll. She hopes you'll consider adopting her! A better photo of Maggie is coming soon!